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ExpressBagger for MILITARY & CIVILIAN Use

If your responsibility includes sandbag production, you realize the biggest challenge is output: the maximum number of bags in the least amount of time. The 13 pound, low cost ExpressBagger™ is a perfect solution if your sandbagging operation uses "people power" and needs high output with a minimal investment.

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ExpressBagger, sandbaggind tool

As far back as we can remember the military has used sandbags for a variety of reasons: fortification, protection, and enhancement. And today, on U.S. soil, the military works side-by-side with citizens and organizations in flood fighting efforts. Sandbags are a staple—a tool the military uses all over the world. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is that filling sandbags is a slow, back breaking job. ExpressBagger™ can help produce more sandbags faster with less effort.


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